any idea's on magnetic generators that would generate 34.5 watts output (3.5 volts, 7 amps) need to cut power costs.

Aluminum Base 1” long x ½” Diameter Oil Impregnated Brass Sleeve Bearing 4” long x ½” Diameter Brass Shaft 1 ¾” long x 2” Diameter Brass Rotor 0.10” thick Mica Insulation 0.005” thick Mylar Insulation 0.04” thick Copper Coated Steel Wire (228 U-shaped pieces) .032” thick Copper Coated Steel Wire (12 coils of 11 turns) 0.014” thick Insulated Copper Wire 12 Permanent Magnets ¾” long, 5/8” wide, 3/8” thick


Fe, Isotropic permanent magnet material cooled in a magnetic

field, Cast 9100 TS. 450 Brin, 2.2 Peak energy product. **

**magnet specifications: Alnico 4, M-60; 12 AL, 28 Ni, 5 Co, bal Crimped Cooper clips 0.30 thick Copper Tube 2” long x 2 ½” diameters. Acrylic Ring-Dimensions 3 ¾” O.D., 2 ¼” I.D., 3/8” 0.002” thick Plastic Insulation Paper Acrylic holding shapes Acrylic dome Liquid Acrylic






















    rough parts list Parts List (there is a list of parts suppliers in the next section):

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lemonie8 years ago
You copied the text from somewhere, if it's anything like this:
-don't waste your time / money chasing "free energy" with this crap.

that stuff IS bunk!
You can tell from the wording "magnetic generator", "cut power costs" - I just went to the trouble of finding something that matched.


really a magnetic generator really would work, if you had a free POWER source to generate electricity with....
Like wind..?

that site states it uses the earth's magnetic field to generate power :S

no wind involved!
No power generation involved either.
Kiteman8 years ago
What are you running off 3.5V and 7A?

(You don't need to call it a "magnetic generator", as all electrical generators utilise magnetic fields.  It;s the nature of the beast.)

like a cheese quesadilla?


I thought 3.5v7a was a bit much...