any practical use for cat poop?

i have five cats and lots of poop. jokes are expected and welcome but anybody with any real ideas? composting and fertilizer are out. thanks

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yokozuna7 years ago
You can put it in a brown paper bag, take it to someone's house you want to prank, light it on fire, ring the doorbell and run.

Of course I'm not responsible for lost friendships, criminal or civil suits, lawyer fees, property damage, people being maimed or killed, and various other things that may go horribly wrong if this isn't done "correctly". :)
dannemillerd (author) 7 years ago
i appreciate all the answers guys (and girls?) homemade kno3 sounds interesting but im guessing my neighbors would hate me more than if i lefta flaming bag on their doorstep. this is the best website ever (except maybe ebay)
RelientOwl7 years ago
Throw it in your neighbors yard. lol
Re-design7 years ago
I know of no practical/safe use for cat poop.

It's unsafe to use in compost or as fertilizer.

You can bury it away from the garden and away from anywhere someone might encounter it and the minerals etc will go back into the ecosystem.

In an extreme emergency you could use it for dog food since most dogs think it's a delicacy, second only to cat vomit.
My last roommate's dog considered my cat's litter box a salad bar.
I suppose I should have discouraged him, but it did save me some work.
However, his breath did always smelled like poop. 
Do you also happen to have a source of wood ashes?  If so, perhaps you could make homemade KNO3, as described here:
caarntedd7 years ago