anybody experiment with zero point energy?

I have alwats thought there was usable energy in magnets but have been assured that there isn't. Still can't accept it.

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chungsan7 years ago
A lot of free energy information at below link.
Kelseym got it right ,  but th' "zero point energy" debate is about whether or not th' "dark matter" of th'  universe we are in could be some how "tapped" for power !

If possible this would be free power like a hydroelectric dam is "free" power ,  harnessin' a natural phenom for its potential !
ZPE is the cause of the Casimir effect, I don't think anyone has a proposal for extracting practical energy from it

Who th' hell knows what tomorrow might bring ,  when Jules Verne wrote "20,000 leagues beneath the sea" every word of it was pure sci fi / fantasy  to th' scientists of th' time ! Same with Gene Roddenberry's "Star Trek" ,  How much of that "fantasy" is now functional reality ?

I am lookin' forward to th' day they can jack my skull up an run a fresh corpse under it ,  I done about wore this 'un out !!
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All you language critics take notice ,  I am an east tennessee hillbilly and I choose to write my posts in the manner in which I speak ,  I also make no claim to any extensive education in the field of physics !  All I know about those subjects I get from reading scholarly posts on (generally) respectable sites !

Read my profile to understand my background if you please ,  I am not trying to bring conflict ,  just trying to understand my world a little better and help where I can !
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I find that to be a rather poor way to phrase things.  The Casimir effect is rather a consequence of the difference in ground-state energies for the electromagnetic field confined between conducting surfaces, compared to that in free space.
This isn't Physics Review.
The pseudoscientific "zero point energy" fantasy has nothing whatever to do with the astrophysical observations of dark matter.  The fact that the wackos promoting it have picked up that recently popular buzzword is just another clue that they don't actually know what they are talking about.

The term "zero point energy" refers to a rather trivial issue in quantum mechanics.  Solving the Schrodinger (non-relativistic) equation for the case of a square-well potential (particle in a box) reveals that the lowest-energy eigenstate is not at E=0, but rather at E= 2/L (in natural units). 

The wackos don't seem to understand what the word "lowest" means, and therefore have some idea that they could convert that 2/L to useful work, reducing the lowest energy to E=0.  You might notice the obvious contradiction involved in supposedly reducing "lowest" to some lower value.
kelseymh7 years ago
There is usable energy in magnets.  Just arrange for the magnet to move past a wire (e.g. a coil), and the field energy will induce a current.

If you want a free lunch, well, you'll just have to go find yourself a different universe.
Uhm... I think the energy there is converted from the kinetic (motion) rather than primarily from the magnetic field.

It is possible to tap energy out of the process of demagnetizing a magnet. Not easily.

Not relevant to the question as posed, anyway. To which the answer still seems to be "It's an artifact of the math, not real usable energy, so there isn't anything there to experiment with."
;-)  Well, yes and no.  I was being facetious about using Faraday induction, but it's not "kinetic energy" in the way that a water wheel uses kinetic energy.  Maxwell's equations tell us that a time-varying B field induces a current.  That's energy transfer.

The high-energy physics experiment that I worked on for ten years (BaBar) involved a detector with a 1.5T solenoidal field.  One of our major "worst case scenarios" was a sudden quenching of the superconductor.  The stored field energy (1/2 B2) would get converted to mechanical energy, in the form of explosive pressure.  The experiment's support structure had to be designed and built to withstand such forces.  If that's not real, I don't know what it.
Re-design7 years ago
I understood that zero point energy was restin in the lazyboy in front of the tele watchin a football game with a beer in each hand.
lemonie7 years ago
If you'd like to believe you can get energy from nowhere, there are plenty of people talking about it. Go looking.

Otherwise it's a "no".

frollard7 years ago
Magnets only contain energy potential just like a spring or gravity.

You can obtain exactly as much energy out of the system as was put in.  Squish a spring and then it has energy stored - you can extract it, as how a catapult would.

You can store energy in the opposite manner with magnets.  Pull two magnets apart and they have energy stored up - ready to pull the magnets back together.  Remember that work is force times distance - so magnets aren't doing any joules of work unless the magnet is moving -- therein lies that the energy was put in before the magnets were made - if they were made separately.  It took energy to MAKE the magnet - to align the molecular structures such that they all aligned and attracted other magnets.
rickharris7 years ago
All to no avail I am afraid, Apparently we may all well be part of a cosmic hologram projected into 3D space from an external 2D source outside the universe.

We may be smaller than we think!