anyone have pinouts for a inline mic earbuds?? like the skullcandy ink'd??? im working on a project for my xbox 360 :)?

well ok so i bought skullcandy ink'd earbuds and i noticed that they have an inline mic which is really really cool cause it works really well with calls and as soon as my call is done i go back to listening to my music :3...and all of a sudden it hit me! what if i can use these same earbuds (with a little modding and soddering) for gaming and chatting just like a regular standard xbox microphone!? and even with game audio too! so i can hear everything that's going on around me also! =D once im finnished i can post the instructable for everyone to see since i had such a hard time finding the information cause no one really came up with this (as far as i know)  and make it easy for anyone else who wants to try it :) all im asking for is the pinouts (what the little rings on the plug do) and ill have most of the information i need to start lol thanks for taking the time to read this!! any help would be really really appreciated :3

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Thermionic6 years ago
correct. One will be ground, one will be +left, one will be +right, and one will be +mic.

Here, I went ahead and googled that for you .
brivera-1 (author)  Thermionic6 years ago
omg this site would of came in handy a few times >.< hmm im pretty positive it might be it ,ill give it a shot n_n thank you sooo soo much!
Thermionic6 years ago
Thats not a pinout, a pinout refers to IC pin functions. Youre looking for schematic type function. If the mic is built into the headphones(in the wire). And the male 1/4 connector has 4 rings, they are all pretty much the same, brandwise. It will work for what you need(plus some rewiring, soldering, and a lot of reworking)
That is a pinout. Pinout was in use LONG before the first ICs were designed.
brivera-1 (author)  Thermionic6 years ago
yea i figured it would be a schematic type of thing lol idk pinout was the first word that came to my head and i couldn't think of anything else.

but yea im just trying to figure out which ring goes to what and i can take over from there n_n i know the biggest part is the ground but that leaves the other 3 to figure out O_O