anyone knos how to remove a bike cassete without special tool?

okay i got this mountain bike and i want to make the back rim single speed but i cant take out the cassete. i search on youtube but it says need a special tool but i cant find one in town. so if anyone knos how to remove a casset without the special tool HUM:)

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You may know this but there are two types of rear sprocket assembly:

- One is a freewheel and you may get away with the method that Caarnted suggests.

- The other type is called a cassette and,  again, you may get away with Caarnted's method but you will require a chainwhip which can be bought

or simply made with an old chain screwed to a stick. 
It stops the whole assembly moving as you try to undo the lockring.

I would suggest buying the tool online, it's only about £8 ; it is a joy to use andit will be essential when you need to change spokes on the drive side.

Good luck.
HmOnGbOi (author)  FriendOfHumanity6 years ago
the spline is the special tool haha but ill try the homeade tool fashion one
HmOnGbOi ,

The spline shaped tool  is the special tool (cassette/freewheel remover) but I was pointing out that  if you are removing a cassette ( and not a freewheel)  you will also need a chain whip.

Kind Regards

Hello again,

By sheer coincidence I found a site today that shows how to remove a freewheel with a homemade tool fashioned from a bolt..; You have to remove the axle first though.

7th picture down.

Do you have any photos of the fixings that need to be removed to get the cassette off?
HmOnGbOi (author)  The Skinnerz6 years ago
ill try to uplaod some photos of it
caarntedd6 years ago
I've done it by placing the end of a punch or chisel in the notches around the inner edge of the "cassette" (I call it a cluster) and tapping it off with a hammer. Just put the wheel on something soft (like your lawn), rest your knees on the rim to stop it from moving, and bash away. Anti clockwise.
HmOnGbOi (author)  caarntedd6 years ago
okay thnx! ill try that and let u kno what happens