anyone know a good source of bulk flickering lights?

i'm looking for random-flickering amber leds in a christmas light-format. actually, it doesn't even have to be led. i am just looking for a good bulk supply of randomly flickering lights that i can wire up into a great big bunch of fake candles, and power off of wall voltage. does anyone know where to find such a thing?

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Kyp-Nephew6 years ago
I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm the nephew of my late Uncle Robert Kyp, the inventor of the Balafire and Electric Flame Lightbulbs. We still carry on his passion in producing these bulbs by hand, one by one. If anyone has any questions please feel free to drop me an email at


about halfway down the page.
spacehead78 years ago
Or you can go to the max and use a Balafire flicker bulb or the electric flame bulb!
Grathio8 years ago
Try a restaurant supply place.  Since a few cities banned indoor candles in bars and restaurants they've started selling fake (battery powered) candles by the crate.

They'd require a bit of hacking to power them all off of one circuit. (Remove the battery, solder a couple wires to the battery contacts.) But you'll have saved yourself the step of putting them into fake candles.
Re-design8 years ago
Unless you use some sort of special driver for led's they won't look like a candle.  They will just blink off and on.

You need a real flicker bulb like this to look real.