anyone know how to fix an itouch that wont turn on????

i found an itouch and it wont turn on. i look on youtube and did everything such as holding the power and home but none happened..... so if u guys know how to fix it tell me

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jlights7 years ago
Have you tried plugging it into the computer and then holding home and power? If not try this: hold gome and power button for ten seconds or so. then release the power button, and keep holding home. it might take a while but eventually there should be a white screen for a second and it'll load in itunes
 sometimes they just randomly freeze, it happened to mine so i left it overnight and it was working in the morning. I have heard that they can take longer or shorter times.
 Sometimes they are so drained of battery that you need to charge them for a good ten minutes before they should automatically turn on (if in a computer). If you found it then you don't know what broke it. By the way, were do you live cos I have just lost an iPod touch (no joke) although I live in the UK
HmOnGbOi (author)  anonymouse1977 years ago
i live in CA
bjoost7 years ago
 Try plugging it in.  That worked for me.
HmOnGbOi (author)  bjoost7 years ago
i did but it wont connect to the computer..
orksecurity7 years ago
For that matter, if you found it, it may well be a marketing mock-up, not intended to function.

Good luck.
nbagf7 years ago
 if you can try buying a new battery for it.
Try going through this troubleshooting doc on the "5 Rs" of iPod Troubleshooting:

I know of more than one person that have saved their iPods using this.
Try plugging it into the usb port of the computer.
If the computer recognizes it, AT ALL, and there screen is still blank and dark then that means either the screen is loose with a wire or it is broken.
hoqever if nothing at all happens, then it is a problem with the board in the ipod touch or the battery, most likely the board though.

so depending on the results you can either repair you're ipod using or you can sell it on ebay, AS-IS for parts