anyone know where to buy thick cotton cord?

Im not really looking for extremely thick (preferrably unwaxed) cotton cord, just something that's about 4-5 mm in diameter. I'm not even sure that what I'm talking about is called cotton cord, but its kinda like paracord with no inner strands and a braided cotton sheath.

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caarntedd7 years ago
Sash cord. Hardware store. It's cotton, but I don't know if it is small enough for you. It may come in different sizes. It is used to hang the sash and counterweights in old timber windows.

I have two or three lengths of it in my room of too much stuff right now
samo8406 years ago
are you looking for something not to strong or really strong because if you are looking for something strong than para cord would be good
alheatherly7 years ago
Hi there! Go to Ebay! I have been buying paracord there for several months and making Survival Bracelets like crazy. You can get 50 ft of just about any color for about $5.00. Thanks.
orksecurity7 years ago