anyone working on an magnetic over unity generator?

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with instructions or at least point me in the right direction for a magnetic over unity generator

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sdickens15 years ago
Check out the free energy created here
oscargrouch5 years ago
constant pressure is constant electricity .With inverse electric motors one can obtain over unity in tandem with passive venturi compression. also the forward advancement of floating electrical pressure ( by em clutch ) removes the "governor" of an electric
price quote..bmp
jimmy77 years ago You will find a diagram, photos, and much of the theory in text, however the wave phenomenon that generates this 'free electricity' is not electromagnetic in nature.
jimmy77 years ago
The real problem with "generating" electricity is that we tend think of traditional methods employing a prime mover. We have to change the way we think about what electricity is, and employ methods of harvesting and storing it that are more congruent with the natural forces involved. For instance, see the MEG by Tom Bearden and friends. This design is basically a complicated switching mechanism with no moving parts. It is a fantastic example of engineering based on knowledge of the energy source. We know that electricity (or free electrons) exists in 2 states. Quiescent and Active. The difference between the two is the particle spin. When a free electron is quiet, it has no path to follow. Therefore its spin is randomly aligned to micro-influences in space and bobs around in ever-changing patterns. An active electron has a path to follow (magnetic field around a wire). It is spinning in one direction aligned to the flow of a circuit. One way to think of 'free energy' is broken waves. Random broken waves crashing in from the ocean slowly destroy the brave rocks on the coastline. In the same way, cosmic rays and other particle sources encounter atomic masses and slowly break them down in constant abrasive, tiny exchanges of energy. We see this activity most pronounced in radioactive elements, hence they are described as "unstable elements". As they shed their outer shells, those electrons are launched into space. It is thought that atomic breakdown is where the vast majority of electrons around a mass as large as Earth originate from. Constant change is a fact of life. Back to the debate. With Newtonian physics, it is impossible to reach overunity. However, we have come a long way since the apple fell on our dear professor over 300 years ago. For instance, Zero Point Energy was described mathematically by Josiah Gibbs in the early 1900's strangely by proving out Newton's 2nd law for closed systems. His equation for open systems still stands to this day. It is the open systems that generate overunity, as proved by his math. His brilliant application of numbers to the long-standing debate should have been the end of it, however, most people don't even know what he was talking about. So to answer your question, there are numerous devices that fit your description for magnetic overunity. It's just that few truly understand how they work and/or are unable to explain their work to a classically trained (brainwashed) world. When inventors attempt to bring their wares to market, they are suppressed or simply bought out by the powers that be, disappeared, etc... Such a shame that the dark side of human nature has spoiled the dream of self-reliance and sovereignty. Fascinating realm this 'free energy' stuff! Makes for good movie fodder anyway. Good luck in your quest, but beware the eyes upon you! Thank you for reading this long-winded post. Cheers to all who seek the truth!
chungsan7 years ago
A lot of free energy information at below link.
lolbe528 years ago
Here yall go...
Kinda funny when "knowitalls" don't Know At All...
OBar8 years ago
Over unity means that it puts out more energy than it uses... A 120 volt motor putting out 120 volts or more energy...this is 100% efficiency, the most efficient motors I have seen operated at 93-95% efficiency, on 440 volts. Free energy means that it needs no energy input to operate.
mikeng1488 years ago
Use a high performance motor (with rare earth magnets). farnell/ Rs components. The 12v versions run at 1 volt (free running) Use rare earth magnets arraged on a disc (the motor rotates this). Electromagnets arranged some distance away from the disc generate the electricity. Place the electromagnets a considerable distance away to prevent the motor slowing down/ being able to start. Use a pic to sense when the electromagnets are producing the greatest voltage- then pulse the motor briefly. the unit will self power.
orksecurity8 years ago
massque698 years ago
I go along with "outside" You need to have a profound knowledge of magnetism. Especially of these super strong magnets and you need to have a in deep understanding of coils, how they got winded, size of the wire etc. and the core of the coil. And then you can start with some electronic tricks to get the energy out of the coil and make it useable. Once all that is in place you are the man – you did it.
outside8 years ago
The best thing I can suggest is to take an elementary science class or read a book that covers the basics of physics and thermo-dynamics. I have to disagree with fozzy that you-tube is the best place to get an education. If you think you can find something that the best scientific minds in in the world haven't, then give it a go. But in all humility, please become familiar with the last few hundred years of research. It could only help you, couldn't it?
Kiteman8 years ago
Quite a few people, unfortunately. It is a basic property of reality that they won't work.
fozzy138 years ago
I sort of am. I tried before with no success. I think first you need to decide whether you want to build an all permenent magnet motor or a permanent magnet-electromagnet hybrid one. From what I have seen, the only ones that make continual motion are the hybrid ones, like Bendini motors. The thing is, if they work how they are claimed to, they defy the laws of conservation of energy, so they're "impossible" just like running a car on water(but Stan Mayer did it!). Anyway, I would look at magnetic gates, such as a Calloway V gate, which from the videos I have seen work the best. Go on youtube and search "magnetic motor" or "magnetic gate" etc and look at things other people are trying, there are tons of people trying to get their ideas out there, so it's not hard.
FlyByPC8 years ago
Unfortunately, these don't work (unless by "over-unity" you mean a generator which harnesses some tangible source of energy, such as a difference in heat, solar power, etc.)