i want to buy an arduino either a uno or mega which ine should i buy i want the prices of both.
my focus will be on robotics projects as well as light effects

Picture of arduino?
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vishalapr5 years ago
A way cheaper way to buy the arduinos I think that the Arduino Mega is way better...

Arduino Uno :
(10 Dollars)

Arduino Mega :
(27 Dollars)
robot1398 (author)  vishalapr5 years ago
i all ready bought it from sparkfun but the links tat u gave are too good
...ebay is alway sthe cheapest!
Robot Lover5 years ago
The arduino uno model is 30 dollars. It has less I/O pins than the mega. The mega is 55$-65$. The mega is great for larger projects because it has a massive amount of I/O pins. you can buy them here
jensenr305 years ago
The uno is good for robotic projects because of its size. The mega is the best for light projects such as LED cubes and matrices.
robot1398 (author)  jensenr305 years ago
but i need one for both which one should i buy
the mega for sure.
robot1398 (author)  jensenr305 years ago
where do i buy it from
try amazon.com. they have very good prices.
arduino uno BEST XD !