arduino uno?

do i have to push the reset button before uploading a another file 

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jensenr306 years ago
you can't upload another file. you can only upload one at a time. uploading a new file will erase the old one. I assumed you knew this, but i wanted to make sure.

to answer you question, no. no needn't reset your arduino uno to upload a new file. I have an arduino uno and i was irritated by the LED attached between pin 13 and ground so i removed it HERE.
robot1398 (author)  jensenr306 years ago
my led that u removed keeps blinking is it natural or something is wrong
If your LED blinks all of the time, there is most likely a problem with your arduino. There is an exception, however. If you have anything plugged into the reset pin of your arduino, take it out! Anything that is in your reset pin could be triggering the 13 pin LED as it blinks when the board restarts.
robot1398 (author)  jensenr306 years ago
hey thanks my arduino is all right it works and i have dont my 1st project that is fading led instructable comming soon
the LED connected to PIN 13 (The surface mounted LED labeled "L" on your arduino board) should only blink three times and only right after you restart or load a new program/sketch onto the arduino.
orksecurity6 years ago
You need to transfer control back to the bootstrap loader before loading new code into it.
not with an uno
jensenr306 years ago
I would recommend that you return your Arduino board from whence it came immediately! Try to get your money back to buy a different arduino Uno. or better yet, an Arduino Mega 2!