are all usb wall adapters the same?

my brother gave me his old iphone .i already had a cell so i just use the iphone like an ipod touch  .the only cable he gave me with the iphone was the one to connect it to the computer  .my problem is that im going to be without my computer for a while and i need to know if i need to buy a new usb wall adapter or if the one i that came with my digital camera would work   .in other words  .do all usb wall adapters have the same output as far as polarity, voltage, and wattage and so forth .or  would i fry my iphone if i plugged it into a usb adapter thats not made specifically for it?

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lemonie8 years ago
USB is a standardised format - one USB device should be built and function like any other. If you're taking a 5V supply from your computer's USB, you should get the same 5V from any other (powered) USB port, but perhaps not with the same capacity to supply current.
The USB adapter that provides 5V for the camera should work as well as your computer for the 5V.

Is this a USB adapter from computer to device, or a wallwart/charger?...My understanding from the author's question indicates a wallwart, not a usb cable.

" problem is that im going to be without my computer for a while and i need to know if i need to buy a new usb wall adapter or if the one i that came with my digital camera would work   "
I'm reading the one i that came with my digital camera would work, assuming there's a USB standard power supply there?

hmm...maybe so...idk...If it's really a USB connector at the end of that camera charger, yes, I would agree...if.
nicelly5 years ago
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zchampine7 years ago
 well i know that my blackberry works with a usb wall adapter for an iPod but not with an adapter for a jawbone bluetooth device...
pop10008 years ago
i do not no ok.
gmxx8 years ago

YES: the iphone will work with a usb wall charger. the usb spec is the same.

NO: (THE CATCH): apple products require one of the data lines to be tied to one of the power rails. its also not the same for every apple device. some require a pull-up resistor, some need a pull-down. if this is not done in the charger, the iphone will detect the charger connecting, but will not stay connected to charge.

looks like the iphone likes 2 x 100 pullup resistors on the datalines

ladyada / adafruit has a nice page on this: 



seandogue8 years ago
lol...Never connect anything not made specifically for an Apple product to an Apple product. Apple is notorious for their proprietary design methods

In their defense, in general, phones need to be used with an adapter that is specifically made to work with it. I doubt the camera charger will work with any phone, let alone an Apple phone.

True dat. I'm surprised that Apple doesn't create custom chargers and connectors for each individual device that they manufacture, just to make sure that no one is sharing cables. Plus, think of all the extra adapters they could sell that way.... service. one adapter, many uses...Ipower