are multiple Arduino's and a Raspberry Pi 2 capable of controlling a humanoid robot?

Hello, I am building a humanoid robot, around 1 meter tall. I was wondering if I could use a Raspberry Pi 2 to control Ai, voice recognition, and OpenCV, while I would have multiple Arduino's controlling the electronics (motors, sensors, displays, etc). I would have an Arduino Mega or Due as the master, while I would have multiple Nanos or Micros as slaves, for controlling dc and servo motors. I plan to have 5 DOF in each leg and arm, I have yet to decide on a gripper.
I was also wondering if Arduino can control bipeds with the use of (simple) AI?
Would it be easier to use another microcontroller, perhaps one stronger than both Raspberry Pi and Arduino?

Thank you.

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rickharris4 months ago

Possibly if your capable of programming it to do so. you may need multi Pi's to distribute the system load.

however your asking the question raises doubt as to your knowledge and skill level.

NOT a trivial task.

mderton (author)  rickharris4 months ago

Thank you for the advice on using multiple Raspberry Pi's. Thank you for your concern for my skill level, I know quite a bit for my age (14) and was wanting to go to the next level. I understand the difficulty, that is why I plan to transition from making it bipedal to using wheels.

Ok ,that is becoming more sensible. I know this isn't advice you really want to hear BUt as a teacher I taught 100's of students to build and programme robots. YOu need to start small, build knowledge, then eventually, weeks, months, years for some, you are ready to build that walking talking multi complex robot you always wanted to in the first place.

You will be successful, because your building on the shoulders of much knowledge and experience.

You need to read as much as you can find about making robots because this will inform you as to how others have solved problems, maybe the way they have done it isn't the best and you can improve but it will get you a long way down the road. READ.

Start with this project:

The fact that I know where to find this project tells you I have read a LOT!.

Enough to be going on with - I have 100's of links in my robotics folder.

mderton (author)  rickharris4 months ago

Except for Arvil, just kill it already...

mderton (author)  rickharris4 months ago

Thank you for the links! I have been "studying" electronics for around two years now, I did make the mistake when started to get over my head and try to build an obstacle avoiding robot... That was a mistake. Since then I have been slowing learning about Robotics, on sites such as Youtube ( James Bruton, Adafruit, Foreigners who cannot speak English, Etc) LetsMakeRobots, and Instructables to name the ones with the most impact on my education. These new sites look great and I'm excited to read them!

mderton (author)  rickharris4 months ago

On a different note, I realize that you are a professional and I am open to suggestions. My wants to build up to learning are

* Beginner locomotion (E.g. biped)

* OpenCV, RPI Speech recognition

* Better Python coding

* I2C Communication

* Better Mechanical Engineering overall

I'm planning to learn these separately and use the Humanoid as theoretical inspiration. p.s your Instructables were very helpful!

Thanks for the best answer and the praise. We all need it to keep submitting.

mderton (author)  rickharris4 months ago

you earned it, I see you everywhere on Instructables! Keep up the good work!

iceng4 months ago

No problem that is the way to go, but you must devise a communication code that is self parsed easily between the micros to save time and effort with no ambiguity...

mderton (author)  iceng4 months ago

Thank you, I did not think of that!