are rbg guns harmless?

are rubber band guns safe and harmless

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mberg7 years ago
well its imbossible to KILL some one with a rbg unless u smack them in the groin with the rbg gun itself or atach a fnife to it. BUT if your just talking about hurting the person then yes.
DARKCOBRA7 years ago
Yes and no.
NYPA8 years ago
YES if the gun goes wrong. I had a rubber band gun that my cousin wanted me to shoot him with. so i shot him but the band somehow cut in half and stuck on the barrel so i got literally WHIPPED by it.
dynno978 years ago
That depends on how long the barrel is, the type of trigger design, and the type of rubber band you are using, most of the time, its pretty harmless with just a slight stinging pain. Just don't aim for the eyes or any sensitive areas.
An Villain8 years ago
i have a moon shoes s-gun and it leaves bruises.
osi8 years ago
being someone who designs them, posts them and uses them almost every day, I can say that they that they have a possibility for severe injury, like if you get shot in the mouth and eat the band. Also a rbg could catastrophically fail causing splinters, pieces, or plastic to go all over, possibly lodging in the skin or in the eye. Compared to a real gun, they are like having a pillow fight with the "redman suit" from Mythbusters.
bounty1012 osi8 years ago
Lolz when would you eat a rubber band like that?
osi bounty10128 years ago
if it was shot in my mouth and half way down my throat i would have to.
bounty1012 osi8 years ago
But I doubt something like that would happen.
osi bounty10128 years ago
true, but what if that freak 1 in a milion shot goes right into your open mouth as you are laughing at your friend you just shot. (as he/she flinched hitting their head)
An Villain8 years ago
you could club someone with it, take an eye out (some) have people choke on bands, and have (weak) designs explode and send pieces flying everywhere. so in my opinion they are as harmeless as most things but less harmful than rod firing guns. so i would say they are slightly harmful.
Mostly harmless. There's always the eye injury scenario, the choking hazard scenario, or the dangerous modification scenario. For the last one, we used to attach the springs from wooden clothespins onto our rubber bands for more powerful ammo. Of course, this led to bruising and cuts and one freak accident where a kid got hit near his ear and lost his hearing in that ear for a week. Keep in mind that our rubber band guns were wooden rifles, usually painted to look real, and that we got our rubber bands from a local factory that used them to bundle steel rods.
how would you make such an ammunition like that?
We'd take the spring out of your average spring clothespin and cross the two ends of the spring over each other so they press against each other and form one bar. Then we tie the rubber band(s) to that bar. You can then load it in your average rubber band gun by clamping the "coil" part of the spring with your rubber band gun and continuing as normal. It makes it hurt a LOT more, but it's generally a tolerable level of pain. Minor bruises and cuts and the one freak accident mentioned above. Not for kids. The rubber band from the factory were a danger in themselves. Few of us were strong enough to stretch them to load the gun, and nobody was stupid enough to attach a piece of metal to those because they were powerful enough to inflict cuts and bruises on their own. Just to clarify my earlier post, even an ordinary rubberband gun with the wimpiest ammo can cause an eye injury so it's something to keep out of the hands of young kids who can't understand and deal with that... and that eye protection is a good idea for those who can.
NYPA8 years ago
depends on the power. If it is weak you can't notice it. If it is strong however.... YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
knexsniper18 years ago
realtively, they are safe compared to a rod gun. mainly for the reason that a rod shooting gun is hurling a solid projectile at a great force, where as a rubberband with not nearly as much mass will not be lethal for the fact that is doesn't have enought solidity or force to inflict pain. think of it this way, when you are hit with a rubberband, it just forms a shapre around the impacted region, wheras with a solid object, there is no elasticy, so you are hit with full force, no cushioning. hope that answers your question. Good luck!
Rod guns are more dangerous than an rbg.
travw8 years ago
They are just about harmless in the sense that it would be really hard to break a window, or knock a glass of water off your counter. They are not harmless in the sense that they sting at close range. So it depends on what scenario you are in...
Compared to rod shooters, yes.
frollard8 years ago
You might impale someone on the gun - its not totally harmless....:D for the sake of telling your mother you should have one because they're 'safe' yes.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Not harmless but, other than eye injuries (easily protected against with glasses/goggles), fairly safe.
kelseymh8 years ago
Stop that! Somebody's going to lose an eye!
tomjack09 (author) 8 years ago
kind of . it hurts my skin but dosnt damage other objects