are there any knex guns with the mag on the side?

are the any knex guns with mags on the side? i think it would by pretty cool lookin,

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1825157 years ago
Mine works pretty well
they look gross with a side mag
charge115958 years ago
My pogs have new technology, and have mags on the side.
An Villain8 years ago this is a very interesting new technology i have never seen before], it is very good. and as mentioned before, the storm 223 v1.3
I've looked, but so far, no. It does look really cool, but the way you'd have to postition your pieces makes it easier and more efficient to make a bottom or top loading magazine. Sorry.
Wrong, there are some! :P
But I never said there weren't...
"I've looked, but so far, no" Looks like it! :P
Ok... But the Jamalam's is not on the side, it's on the... Sheezsh, I don't even know!
try holding the gun on its side
No, but it would work with a mag pusher.
Yes there are, wrong again, Miles! :P
BUT!!!! None with the mag COMPLETELY horizontally.
Yes, there are. Do research before arguing with me about things like this. There is a 5 foot double barrel shotgun with 2 MAGS ON THE SIDE! So there! :P
why do you need this question if you already found a gun like that?
I didn't ask this question, genius.
this was a reply to you because you answered the question, and was intended to go to rosenstyle
But I didn't answer it... Pay attention next time.
actually, you did, quote: "There is a 5 foot double barrel shotgun with 2 MAGS ON THE SIDE!"
So, this question is still unanswered, thus how could I have answered it?
READ the question, "Are there any knex guns with a mag on the side?" meaning you have answered the question by saying that there are knex guns with mags on the side.
OMG you two guys played to much phoenix wright
No, search.
An Villain8 years ago
the 5 foot knex gun has 2 magazines on 1 side.
TigerNod8 years ago
The storm 223, and probably others too. They are not so really hard to make, and I agree with you, they look cool.
knexsniper18 years ago
there are none that i am aware of, but i have tried that idea, and i got to tell you, it doesn't look all to good. it doesn't look good at all!
What makes you the expert on side mags? :P
????? im not saying im the expert, im just saying that i've tried the idea, and it doesn't work well. it may be my mag design, but it didn't work well for me. what in my comment makes you think i consider myself the expert on side mags?
I worked great in my 5 foot double barrel knex gun. It has two 40 round side loading mags.
Finally. Someone who can research, even though you posted the gun. But still. Congrats for clearing it up for them.
really? hmm, maybe my gun wasn't designed for one then. oh well
The fact you said it doesn't look good.
sorry about that then.
im talking about my gun. by the fact that im saying it in present tense suggests that i am talking about my gun becuse i said that i have tried the idea, so that means that i have physical evidence in front of me, and when i say that i doesn't look good, im saying on my gun.
ThomasRex8 years ago
Yes the Knex gun i made. Just type this in on the search bar 5 foot double barrel knex gun.
The Jamalam8 years ago
Storm 223 does
I tried to make a gun with a side mag when I was experimenting for my new gun and it didn't work that well-it exploded and broke some precious yellow connectors ='(. Also a side mag increases the gun silhouette making you a bigger target. My new Kobra support gun has no mag, it uses an internal hopper this gives it a tiny silhouette =P
TheDunkis8 years ago
I was actually designing something like that but really even though it looks cool it wouldn't help reliability and it would just add a 3rd dimension, making the gun even bigger.
TigerNod8 years ago
There are quite a few, though most have a bottom one. I think it would be cooler and even more reliable with the mag on the side.