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happyjo7 years ago
Acepilot427 years ago
caarntedd7 years ago
When I'm not a 45 yo married man, I'm usually a single teenage girl.
Have you ever read xkcd?
robotguy47 years ago
What do you think this is?  Facebook?  Myspace?

Yahoo Answers? *cringe*


THIS.  IS.  INSTRUCTABLES.  *kicks someone*

That being said, yes, there probably are, however, this website's primary purpose isn't for dating.  Its for instructions (unless you post/comment/read an Instructable about dating.) and DIY stuff.

Chances are, if you ask a question about dating or girls, you can do a search and find your answers that way; it's probably been asked before.
I nominate for Best Answer.
(Anything to do with technology and machine/wood shop is fair game too)
Z..7 years ago
I'm single. Check my profile and see if I will do.

(Try to be a little flexible in your requirements. I don't meet all your criteria).
Doctor What7 years ago
 Soliciting teenage women on the internet tends to lead to trouble.  I mean Chris Hansen trouble.
Acepilot427 years ago
man whore
Does it matter? You'd just get all nervous anyway.
Icool (author)  RavingMadStudios7 years ago
What maks you think id get  all nervous!!!!????
teenage girls make EVERYONE nervous, including teenage girls.
Your previous question. It was a joke. Relax and breathe.
There are a fair few, however hunting for girls on the internet? Bad plan, taking a walk around town is better... Also internet takes all the fun out of flirting...