are there instructions for the br18?

I was wondering if there are any real instructions for killerk's br18(I think it's killerk who made it). Yeah, anyway, if there are no instructions, could some please please please with a cherry on top make instructions for it?

smilee8 years ago
Her is how to build the turret and trigger, there is not anyninstructions for the whole thing but you could build the whole gub from the slideshow KillerK posted <a href=""></a> <br /> <br /> Hope This Helped!
heatblast7 years ago
Sorry mate no instructions,just go build it from slideshow.Didn't have problems,you shouldn't have troubles either.
Torpe (author) 8 years ago
Can you make instructions for the rest of tshe gun with slide? I would be eternally grateful. IF possible they should be very specific, not like bakenbitz br36 on KI.
DJ Radio8 years ago
The only instructions around are for the turret part.  Everything else isn't posted.