auto view all steps on one page is gone?

untill like 10 minutes ago, every time i viewed an instructable, it went to everything on 1 page automatically, but just now, it didnt, so i went to change it back and it said that i'd have to be pro member for it...

but i dont understand, i never was pro member, and i had it always, but now its gone?!

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Kiteman7 years ago
You've been lucky, subject to some glitch in your favour.

Now you are back to standard member privileges.

Life goes on...
godofal (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
damn XD

probably becouse i've set that on auto on 1 page before pro member was introduced, havent set new things in my profile since then, so that must have reset it...

ah well...
I know, that's what happened to me. It was stil working for months until I accidently updated my profile.
LoneWolf7 years ago
It doesn't stop letting you view all steps on one page withough a pro-member account until you try "editting" or changing something on your profile.
godofal (author)  LoneWolf7 years ago
this is strange...
i now have auto view on 1 page again...
hurray for glitches!