automotive starter and dc speed controller?

can I use a 45amp digital dc pwm motor speed controller with an automotive starter? the controller is from quality kits part number :uk1133. or is there another kit  I should be using? thanks

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rickharris5 years ago
The car starter motor is series wound. This has 3 effects:

1. It give you a lot of torque especially at slow RPM
2. It draws a colossal amount of current at slow RPM or when stalled.
3. If operated off load the motor will go faster and faster until it self destructs.

Sadly all of these make them almost useless except for their original target use.

Your controller will never be able to handle the current.
3.) No, its if you turn OFF the field, it will self destruct, since there is "no" back EMF. Oh the fun we had in the EE lab at university with THAT trick.

:-) Ah yes.
+1. I've seen starter currents >> 200A

The green power racing car contest had a drag racing element for older students using a car starter, about 14 seconds of running to flatten a 12 volt battery - Sadly the batteries don't like this a lot and don't last long. You can get up to 30 or 40 MPH though in that time.
iceng5 years ago
I don't see why a car starter needs speed adjustment.

would need one if motor was being used to power a go cart or some other such thing
The only way to control a series starter motor is to limit the current.
rickharris5 years ago
What you really need is a old car dynamo. (NOTE NOT alternator)
NO chance. An automotive starter can demand several hundred amps at startup.
lemonie5 years ago
What for?