(beginner) how to wire up a small section of EL wire to a lithium cell battery? + touch sensitive?

ive never worked with el wire before but ive heard its not too complicated for a beginner. 

ok so i know what i want, but have no idea how to do it. basically i want to have a small section of 1.3mm EL wire, about 30cm long or less. the driver would have to be very small as its going to be in a thin metal case, and therefore the battery would have to be small to fit, (which is why i would want flat lithium batteries rather than aaa). also, if possible, i would like the el wire to be turned on only when you touch the metal case (like a touch sensitive lamp), so when you're not touching it its not on. 

i havent seen any off the shelf drivers that are small enough and/ or have small enough batteries so figured i would have to make it myself. i don't know how, which is why im here looking for some help...

anyone with any advice on how to do this would be great 

The off the shelf drivers are only large because of the batteries. You strip it down and replace the batteries with a lithium of the same voltage and it will be much smaller. Then integrate a simple touch sensor like this and your all set.


EL wire can be cut down to the size you want.