best knex gun?

... its all in the name .....

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TigerNod8 years ago
It's all what you prefer, but i'd say that in innovation and prestation, it has to be the railbow rifle.
sev178 years ago
i seen sniper rifles, chainguns, ones that use a hundred pieces, and other several thousand. its all personal preference. however my favorite is rmconstructions shadow sniper rifle


jabbathegut1 (author) 8 years ago
Thanks for all your help i finally decided to build a cannon , and it was worth it =]
TheDunkis8 years ago
Well first off it depends one what you consider good. Then there are so many different kinds of guns you can't really determine. There isn't one gun that is superior in more than a few stats. You either get a powerful and accurate gun, a fast repeating gun, or something like that. What would you exactly consider "best"
anything that has a turret (TR-V1) is powerful, accurate, and rapid-fire.
Lowney8 years ago
As far as snipers are concerned it's the SRv2
Project inferno when its finished.
BuilderLoon8 years ago
Yeah Builderloon agrees with 'TheDunkis' My fav gun is probably the working shot gun with slide reload motion although I dont have pieces to make so... yeah but im going to for forge my own knex out of pieces i have