best practice for Wiring to an existing pcb switch?

I am attempting to use an NES controller to control a digital picture frame. The picture frame has the switches built into the PCB. need to jump them out to the controller to use it's buttons. I am looking for the best practice to connect to the switch on the PCB of the digital picture frame.

ARJOON6 years ago
make a hole for a female nes controller and solder them to it. then u will be able to remove the controller whenever you want for another projects
seandogue6 years ago
I generally use solid core 30ga wire for doing PCB modifications. The wire is often called "wire wrap" wire. It's thin and flexible and solders easily.
AndyGadget6 years ago
If there's only a couple of connections to make and you can see the bare contacts on the PCB, I'd use thin cable with the right number of cores and solder directly to the back of the PCB.  
Drill a hole where you want the cable to come out of the frame and use a close fitting rubber grommet, with a small tie-wrap pulled tightly around the cable inside to stop it pulling through. You should obviously leave the wires with some slack inside the frame.