bike to trike no weld conversion? under $150?

can it be done just asking

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NativeSs5 years ago
I'm working on an idea using three forks on the front for a tadpole bike. It will not be recumbent, yet, but hopefully it will work and provide a place for a basket
Q5Quint6 years ago
just use wood.... a 2x4 and some wagon axle/wheels from lowes or home depot....
2 wheels in front or in back? If you had two wheels in front, i think it would be easier, because you would avoid the question of a differential. You would need something functioning as a tie rod to keep the wheels aligned properly.
l8nite7 years ago
some of the older trike axles bolted onto a frame just like a single rear wheel, 20yrs ago I bolted a stingray frame to a trike axle, hammered on 6sets of forks and made my boys the wheelie kings of the school
You will have to add a differential, so that you can turn easily. I have converted a bike to a trike before(with welding), and it didn't turn well without a differential. AI
Might be a tadpole with 2 wheels at the front!
onrust7 years ago
For some reason I cannot upload........SO, These are 2 pictures I took at a yard sale. The dude told me that it started off as a no- weld trike. You can see the nuts and bolts in the picture, but im thinking that it did not work too well since there is a bunch of iron added with plenty of welds.
caarntedd7 years ago
Yes. If you do it, post an instructable.
rickharris7 years ago
We built an entire electric racing car without welding. you can do much with nuts and bolts and pop rivets
Re-design7 years ago
Probably, but you'll have to be able to drill metal for bolts if you can't weld.