blink super frustrating?

I wrote the blink sketch and just change the pin to 9 using int mypin = 9; naturally I use mypin with the pinMode,digitalWrite,and every , and ; and () and{} is there ,but I got exit status 1 , Error compiling for board Arduino/Genuino Uno. I just download the IDE 1.8.2



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bekathwia7 months ago

did the error message say anything else? Paste or screenshot your entire code and I can help find the problem!

MMBDELP (author)  bekathwia7 months ago

i find it void loop was like this void Loop

I look for a week to the listing


bekathwia MMBDELP7 months ago

Next time feel free to put a screenshot of your code or just paste it into the question, that way I can help find the typo!

When I try putting more LEDs on, they don't light up after I put in my code... What do I do?

( P.S. It doesn't let me comment regularly so I replied to your answer )

MMBDELP (author)  Mike_Man7 months ago
Mike if your code don't give errors the look at the hardware
Led backward is common mistake
Mike_Man Mike_Man7 months ago

never mind I can comment