blown caps?

im not sure how to spell it but heres a few pics to show you what happened to them and is it possable to buy some to fix it?

Picture of blown caps?
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bADiTCH7 years ago
 Yes you can replace the capacitors with like parts and it may continue to work for a short period. But as been stated before, the capacitors blowing shows that there is another problem. The capacitors are just a symptom from another problem.  
bosfield7 years ago
if u are gd in soldering / pass it to a friend whom is great at it.

you can try this

replace those blown with sanyo oscon (preferred) solid capacitor.
those bloated are not true solid capacitor.

you can also choose nippon chemicon solid capacitor too for recap.

for the aluminum capacitor ...
some suggestion:
rubycon - mcz / mbz series
panasonic - FJ / FM / FC series

You have to ask why did they blow ? The usual reason electrolytics blow is because someone accidentally over-voltages them - and generally that toasts the whole board anyhow.
kelseymh7 years ago

jeff-o7 years ago
I'm wondering why they blew in the first place.  You can certainly replace those caps (they should be available at Mouser or Digikey), but if you don't fix the underlying problem they'll just blow again.

Caps rarely just blow on their own, usually a short circuit somewhere is the culprit.
lemonie7 years ago
What can you read on them, tell us all the letters & numbers. It's a bit hard to see from here.