bonding ceramic art to pane of glass?

I'm looking to bond a bifurcated ceramic fish figurine to a glass window, such that half the fish is outside (exposed to the elements) and half is inside the house. The fish figurine is not perfectly smooth, but it's close.
I live in Ohio, so external temperatures will range from 0 f to 100 f.
What do you recommend?

Picture of bonding ceramic art to pane of glass?
Re-design5 years ago
Super glue. You can get thick at the hobby shop. Second choice would be the glue used to bond rear view mirrors to windshields. You can get that at the auto parts store.
Super glue isn't water proof. so if you use it be cautious.

2 part Epoxy glue if you want something permanent - magnets like Iceng says if not.
iceng5 years ago
Try NIB magnets demonstrated here with a door knob on glass,
exerting far more force then your fish..

Look to these supplier links for an appropriate cylinder magnet.

PowerKnob onGlass2.jpg