brushless dc motor rating ?

for eg an electric vehicle powered by lithium ion battery ; total weight including passengers 650 kilograms


for driving a weight of 650 kilograms what must be the rating of a brushless dc motor in an electric vehicle;

ALSO ampere hours of the battery ;

W=650 kg

V=48 V


randofo29 days ago

The easiest way for you to generally answer your own question is not to think of it in terms of weight or volts, but in terms of speed. How fast do you want it to go?

Once you solve this problem, you can look up the top speed and horsepower rating of various cars (or golf carts... or whatever is equivalent to what you are trying to build....). Find a couple of cars that go at the top speed you wish to travel. The range of the HP rating for these cars will be approximately what you should be shopping for in an electric motor.

From there you can begin to calculate motor speed requirements, gearbox requirements (if any), and operating voltage.