buckwheat hulling?

is  there and ez cheap way to hull buckwheat and do it at home?

also how do buckwheat hulling machines work?  

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JM19992 years ago

We used to hull wheat for a while, what we did was simple.

Put it between two baking trays and rub them together, when you do that it breaks the hull off the wheat and then you only have to sort the hulls from the grain to finish the process, try using the wind, a small breeze should do.

Toss the wheat into the air and the chaff/husks should blow away leaving you with wheat kernels.

sonic broom (author)  JM19992 years ago

thanks I will see if that works

a kind of threashing and winnowing! see.

Hopefully it does!

rickharris2 years ago


You just need to know what the process is called.

In this case Threshing and winnowing

iceng2 years ago

I Know it Works !

Historically it worked 888 BC.

You should be able to make a working differential chaff separator out of Knex or a better one out of Lego.

Triclaw2 years ago

lay down a sheet or light blanket and beat the buckwheat on it then lift the edges of the sheet and bounce it in the wind to de hull it called winnoning

Triclaw Triclaw2 years ago

it worked for thousands of years too

Sounds like a quick google search will give you the info your looking for in much better detail then we can put here.

sonic broom (author)  mpilchfamily2 years ago

thanks i tried that but not much I can use comes up just big factory stuff that is way to pricey not any DIY stuff