build a automated dvd machine (for a LOT of dvds)

  I am wanting to be able to line up the dvds something like a carousel but would rather have them in a row so that i can make more rows to add more disc.  I was thinking of using those clear plastic discs that are packed in spinals of discs but i cant even figure out what to call them so i can order bulk of them. If I cut each one in half (the clear plastic disc) then they would be good spacers. and help would be Great. Thank You In Advance.
  A robot arm will be doing the retrieval.

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frollard6 years ago
With the advent of newer technology, it's not expensive to pick up a 400 disc carousel/dvd player -- already capable of what you're after. Yes, it defeats the diy mentality, but cost/end product you'll get the most bang for your buck.
TRSDOS (author)  frollard6 years ago
I mostly want to control how many movies that are out at any given time. Some of my family seem to ALWAYS forget to put a movie back in its place before getting another one out.
Even at 400 at a time, I would still need quite a few of them to hold all the movies.
frollard TRSDOS6 years ago
Digitize your movies and run a media server?
rickharris6 years ago
Why a DVD lasts for an hour or more are you too tired to get up and change it?
TRSDOS (author)  rickharris6 years ago
you have Completely missed the point