business card holder?

I'm in a real estate associated business and am looking for some help in designing and then building a business card holder. The plastic ones that are ubiquitous in office supply stores are expensive and generic. I'm wanting it to consist of wood and basically "slide" together to hold the cards. It must be very simple to construct. Thanks so much.

sharlston8 years ago
maybe get two pieces of plywood and glue about 1 inch of the two pieces then stick them together then you could slot the cards inbetween
Can you draw what you're after? I'm not sure I follow you exactly. If you happen to own a table saw or a router, it should be a dead-easy project with any scraps you have around. What tools do you have? Be happy to help once I fully understand what you need.
sorry my side profile drawing thing didn't work. hope you still understand
If you could get a thick piece of plywood or glued together two thinner pieces, make the piece about the same shape as a business card, cut a groove that is 1/4" to 3/8" deep through the center or two thirds back from the front. side profile will look like this or something close to it.

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you then have your business card holder!. paint it, stain it, guild it, stick it in a stew, whatever works for you. Hope thats simple enough and makes sense