by using ardino R3 ,BT module and mpu6050 can we make stable brushed quadcopter?

sir i want all the instruction of ardino brushed quadcopter .i want make this project in lower budget and i .can i use ardino micro insted of nano? can i use 180 motors?and laptop battery?

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It seems you not only lack the know how for building a quadcopter based on weight, battery power and such, but also that you lack the required programming skills.
Even with everything put together and coded by someone for you: How do you intent to troubleshoot problems or understand the code so you can make changes?
IMHO you are far batter off starting with something at your level or to check some of the Instructables that cover it.
There are also a lot of drones available that you can build and they come with the controller, remote and all, which you did not even cover yet ;)
They invented the wheel before they started building sports cars ;)

AbhiH4 (author)  Downunder35m11 days ago
Thank u for ur suggestion !then how can i know the basic of ardino quadcopter

For example by looking through this.


Many newbie's that think wrongly that DIY projects are less expensive then buying a ready made or a kit.. Its just a thing that flies ... why would I need to worry about prop pitch or wire connector contact resistance..

iceng13 days ago

You asked for all

I hope you know ALL abut Best Answer ;-)

AbhiH4 (author) 13 days ago

thankyou ! Sir are u starting any new project so that i may help u?

rickharris15 days ago

a laptop battery is likely to be FAR too heavy.

You need to do a LOT more research. Follow the link I gave above.

rickharris14 days ago

Check some of the many RC and quadcopter related websites and forums.
After a few hours of reading there you will realise the flaws in your concept and can improve on it.
Or just do the math in terms of required sensors, inputs, outputs and processing power required.

rickharris15 days ago

What exactly do you expect the Arduino to do?