can I build a chep but effective cell phone signal blocker?

my brother talks on the phone too long every night when I'm trying to go to sleep. I know that on make magazine a device has been built.If you know anything about making these please let me know

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eirlandes6 years ago
you could. but I would just get myself a yapper zapper phone jammer
If your objective is to be able to sleep, making your brother mad is probably not your best strategy, lol. As suggested, ear plugs work and cost less than a dollar. The thickest thermal blocking window film I applied to my office slider door to reflect the sun heat will block my cell call reception/transmission if I get close to it. The "faraday cage" is the ultimate blocker, but building an effective one is a major project. It is like trying to seal winter air leaks around the house in the winter ! There always seems to be another leak to plug up! Might as well buy an elevator and lock your brother
I assume you already asked your brother to stop, and he didn't?

You could install metal blinds and wallpaper his room, first with sheets of aluminum foil or aluminized mylar and then with wallpaper. This would create a Faraday cage.

But I think a more practical solution is to record a CD from your computer's output line that contains nothing but "waterfall noise". You can find a program to create some, pink.exe in the Release folder of this zip file from the September 2005 CSIG Meeting. Put the CD on continuous-repeat and play it softly in you room all night. Wear earplugs too.
frollard8 years ago has a cheap cel phone blocker. The smallest is about 40 usd. Making your own? Ladyada has a kit on her website, but its more than 40 bucks.
Padlock8 years ago
In America, that's illegal. Movie theaters have looked into it, and attested it, but they don't want to risk the resulting lawsuit of a blocked 911 call and a wrongful death penalty.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
if i remember correctly, if you get grass mesh, build a little tent covered buy it, you cannot get any cell phone reception inside or you could tell your parents... they should be cheap, and effective!
'they' should be 'that'