can a computer's dvd drive be modded to connect to a computer with USB?

Can you use an old USB connector with a computer CD/DVD drive to make a USB drive that runs swappable discs and play computer games on a computer with no room for the drive?

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rethinker8 years ago
I've tried this with a IDE to USB adapter. It works great for Disk Drives but I couldn't get the PC to recognize it when I plugged in the DVD writer. I eventually found a cheap USB CD Burner, and dropped the DVD drive in there. Works great.
N1CK4ND08 years ago
There are adapters for IDE to USB, or you could try wiring it yourself :P
i don't think you can wire one yourself
Watch out for old outboard USB CD writers at thrift stores or wherever.  I got one for $15 second-hand, and swapped in a DVD writer.  It works great, and is EXTREMELY useful for moving between computers, or with laptops.  Just make sure it is USB 2.0.  USB 1.0 will be glacially slow for writing.  Oh, and obviously it should be the kind of USB case that contains a standard IDE drive.

The USB/IDE cables are good for temporary use, but not as tidy as a case with built-in power supply.
Mr. Squishy8 years ago
You need a USB adapter or you will need to install it inside the computer. Or you can buy a USB DVD drive.
x95tobos8 years ago
USB = serial communication
IDE = parallel

So, you need an adapter (connectors plus a simple converter chip), as mentioned; you will need also to feed your internal DVD with the +5V and +12 V it usually gets from the 4-wire connector inside the case.
anon1588 years ago
u need one of these wire sets...i have one and use my internal DVD burner connected to usb problem ..sometimes i have to slow down the burner to get it to work right....
UziMonkey8 years ago
Internal CD-ROM drives are not USB, they're IDE/ATAPI. You can get external enclosures though. If you're lucky, an old hard driven enclosure can be used as an external CD-ROM enclosure. I've heard this works, and it should work, but I'm not sure. Your best bet might be to buy a new external CD-ROM drive.