can a fingerprint reader be bypassed so i am able to have access to my computer?

i recently purchased a used computer at a flea market.  it is a dell studio 3515.   once home, i turned the computer on and it wanted to verifiy my fingerprint. (later finding out that this device is called a "finger print reader"..........sooooooooooo now i have made a purchase for an item that i can not utilize up to the present. 

i am currently aware of the passworkd  recovery and removal tool; however, i can not even get to that point.



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KimleangS1 year ago

nurdee15 years ago
Did you see that macgyver where he broke into this military complex. He used powdered dry-wall to fool the fingerprint reader. It's worth a try anyway.
Vyger6 years ago
I just Goggled a more on this and it appears that there was more of a problem with the reader NOT working than anything else. There is a suggestion that its possible to turn off the hardware in the BIOS so you can try that but some said they couldn't find the setting.
The reader that you have is a cheap one, not a high security one. It is designed more for convenience than anything else, using it you don't need to remember a password or type it in. My new notebook has one but most of the time it doesn't read correctly and I have to enter the password anyway.
It is highly unlikely that the reader is soldered or integrated into any of the other components. If it was FBI certified yes, it would be, but this is not designed to be an anti theft device. So it is almost certainly connected with a plug in cable. Unscrew the bottom of the case, find the cable coming from it and unplug it. Its that simple. If you are not sure about where everything goes then take pictures of everything as you go so you can use them to reassemble everything.
i would try some kind of softish smooth plastic like what a screen protector is made of, or you could try clingwrap over your finger while/or wearing a latex glove. if your lucky, the previous fingerprint will still be on there, and the reader will read though the previous fingerprint and open. my great uncle, a computer resaler, builder and repairer, once had this problem with a used laptop he got for next to nothing , and showed me how to fake the fingerprint.
otherwise a simpler solution is install linux and browse the cookies on the hardrive, and temporary files, anything you can use to find the name of whoever used to own it, look up their name in a phone directory / book, contact them and ask if they can unlock the computer so you can disable the scanner. if its the same person you bought it from, legally they have to unlock it for you.

i would not recomend meddling with the fingerprint software/ removing / disconnecting the hardware unless theres nothing else you can do, because theres a risk of permanentally locking the computer , making it impossible to ever access the files of it, unless you remove the hardrive and attach an external hardrive reader to it (most IT shops/ pc builder shots will have them to turn your harddrive of your broken computer into a portable drive)
Vyger6 years ago
I am not sure about that particular model but on many of them if you disconnect the reader it disables the software so it just passes it by. No reader, no drivers loaded no programs run. You will have to open the case and then trace the wires and unplug it. Its the first thing I would try doing.
mischka6 years ago
Are you asked for the fingerprint after booting your system? Then you could use a linux live-cd to boot it. You could also just reinstall your system by overwriting the old one. Then you have full access to your computer. If you ask me, I would recomment Linux for extra hacker points.
frollard6 years ago
You must factory reset the machine and reinstall windows - then reinstall the fingerprint reader software.

It wouldn't be a security system if you could easily bypass it.

If its winxp, its REALLY easy to reset the password with the many xp password reset tools - they boot from a cd and physically remove the password hash from the local user account to break into the system - from there you should be able to reinstall the fingerprint software...otherwise you're reinstalling windows.