can a smoke detector be modified to be so accurate to detect cigarette smoke in a small room?

in my small 12qm room i wanted a kind of smoke detector to say when the smoke is too much and i should open the window, like when it stinks.. cuz smokers in a smoker room dont smell it anymore.. guess few of u still know that =)
would love to hear some answers or suggestions
(and no im not looking to modify a already there smoke detector.. ill buy a new one..dont worry)

lobo_pal8 years ago
Most smoke detectors use a small radioactive isotope to send a beam to a receiver. If the beam is interrupted, by smoke or the like, it sets off the alarm. This makes them hard to modify, and I wouldn't try it unless you are familiar with them. You might be able to find more sensitive ones online though.
xgl0baltk (author)  lobo_pal8 years ago
well.. i guess then i have to get those expensive cigarette detectors.. but thanks for the answer anyway