can any body give me design of cycle based jig saw?

i work for aborigins in india they require cheap human powered machines can anybody help i want jigsaw, drill machine design

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Somebody just asked about fretsaw machines, but you will find bandsaws, drill presses, circular saws etc, to built yourselves, and then projects to make.

Just do a search.

All sorts of human powered tools, mainly published before the 1940s, but some during the war. A lot of these designs are now being used again, in countries with plenty of man power but no money to buy machinery.

Not possible to download or print, but for diagrams, use your Print Screen button, to copy what is on your screen to the clipboard, then paste into picture editing Apps or word processor, and stitch together.
Rishnai8 years ago
Do you have access to store-bought jigsaws, or do I need to design a DIY version of the entire apparatus?
sanjay117 (author)  Rishnai8 years ago
friend my neccesity is cheapest vers of instrument i work with aborigines they don't have even to eat in many days so i will bear it all i work in saudi for 400 $ i have access to through away bikes my idea is person will seat and drive paddle and jig saw should come at table top level it should work reliably bottom line i want poorman s diy version thanks you shown such interest god bless you
One more question before I head out to the garage: will you intend to be able to cut metal, or only wood?
sanjay117 (author)  sanjay1178 years ago
friend i am extremely sorry that i n excitement i forgot to ask you name pls forward me your name and email address pls tell me something about you, what are your aspirations your family your country your people love GODbless you