can anyone explain the working of piezoelectric materials?

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Kiteman6 years ago
Is there a specific device you want to understand?
ilpug Kiteman6 years ago
I think the only piezoelectric application i can think of is in the ignitors for cigarette lighters and those in barbecues.
Kiteman ilpug6 years ago
The speakers in a musical card are piezoelectric, as is that "beep" in your computer.

They can also be used as sensors, giving off voltages when twisted or stretched, or to generate electricity directly from mechanical effort (there has been some work on fitting piezoelectric generators into shoe-heels to charge small devices).
ilpug Kiteman6 years ago
Wow, you just made me smarter!
Kiteman ilpug6 years ago
My work here is done...
can i also ask the application for piezo shoe... is it efficient?
Google is your friend...
rickharris6 years ago
Certain crystalline materials have the property that when stressed, bent or struck the atoms in the crystal lattice deform this causes electrons to be ejected from the atoms - these electrons constitute an electric current.

this can be large enough to make a significant spark.
frollard6 years ago
I didn't even search. I just typed the following url.

Funny how that worked.