can anyone give me a scientific topic in research?

i really, really need an idea for research, it's for my project.....your help will be highly appreciated...thank you. this research i'm looking for is all about science...

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jeff-o7 years ago
You should try to make your own aerogel.
jeff-o jeff-o7 years ago
But, I suppose I'm a little late in replying, aren't I?  I shouldreally check the post dates...
orksecurity8 years ago
Reliance upon Web Research and Web Assistance as tools for solving homework problems? (I'm actually at least half serious.)
Of course, my own high-school science project was on the effects of cis-dichloro-diamino-platinum II on Earlichs ascites tumor in white mice. But (a) that was a matter of reproducing a protocol rather than doing new research, and (b) the project idea actually came from the teacher who was running that program, who had previously done some work with this compound, and (c) a fairly well-funded school system. (Brief summary of results: Yes, it stoped and reversed growth of the tumor. Unfortunately, like most of the compounds in that family it also seriously damaged the animal's kidneys.) The point here: Ask around. One of your teachers may have a pet topic that they'd be willing to suggest.
One other thought: I'm assuming that by research project you mean scientific research (or at least social-science research) that actually involves gathering data. The term can also refer to library research -- looking up all the available information on a particular topic and trying to find the answer that way.
Linguistic imperialism.
I second orksecurity's suggestion and offer this title:

Separating the Beneficial from the BS: How students can evaluate the accuracy, authority, completeness, objectivity, and relevance of Internet sources

If you are doing a science project, change the above title to "How do students...?" or to "How much do students...?
frollard8 years ago
The effects of microwave radiation on peeps.