can anyone make a descent instructible of the halo series plasma pistol?

i want a simple instructible of a plasma pistol from halo(that actully looks like) it dosn't have to shoot, just looks i already have a plasma rifle and energy sword but im missing the pistol.

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An Villain8 years ago that is pretty good but it does not shoot
Yeah, but it rocks! I atatched an infa-red laser beam to it (green) and it looks sick!
Odd, this was his only comment that was not removed.
joshualater (author)  An Villain8 years ago
yeah i planned it just for looks, duel plasma pistols is cool though
pingasus7 years ago
im working on a papercraft one
joshualater (author) 7 years ago
 Im taking down this post because its old and i found one. kk
Furloy8 years ago
i hant buit it but it got good
knex_mepalm8 years ago
Sure, working on it now, but its a little messy
how about a plasma................ RIFLE? Check out mine at
joshualater (author)  Soopah Steve8 years ago
i built the one by DRADIS
joshualater (author)  Soopah Steve8 years ago
i built 1 of those already
joshualater (author)  SonicX 228 years ago
no its not mine