can anyone send me free useless ddr2 motherboard?

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Vyger3 years ago

A big problem is I don't know where you are. Shiping to Antartica might run a little high.

ishan udyoga (author)  Vyger3 years ago
i'm from sri lanka
petercd3 years ago

What I do with useless electronics is open them up and harvest as much as I can which includes the ferrite beads, all electrolytic caps etc, put the shell back together again and toss into the bin.

Sometimes I like to write "its been taken already" on a piece of paper and put that inside, then I leave it on top of the bin on collection day.


You don't salvage the gold?

theres not a whole lot in the home appliances that I harvest like radios and usb dongles etc, probably not worth the effort.

kjsrocks3 years ago


+1 sorry