can anyone suggest an alternative for TIP31?

Hi!I want to use a TIP31 in my infra red detector circuit and cant find it any shop,could anyone suggest any other transisitor which fulfills the same purpose?

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What's it switching ? A TIP32 is a power darlington. Find an equivalent one that can handle the switching current and volts.

Why substitute when you can get what you need right here.

they are obsolete now 2016 and no availability. What now? I keep getting the same answers from the electronics forums because they "know it all !"

A simple google search for tip31 and looking at shopping will give you several places that still carry them. Ebay is one source. China still sells it all. There are also sights that will help you find suitable replacements. Google tip31 replacements for that. Just be sure to go over the data sheets. Compare the specs and make sure any recommended replacement has similar specs and the specs are within the needs of your circuit. See the exert from the data sheet attached.


TIP31C is Equivalent to:
2N6122, TIP31B, MJE340K, SW4F013

samtechpro3 years ago

2SD313 is available in market everywhere. And it is eqvivalent to yours.

WWC5 years ago
These are all the equivalent crosses for a TIP31
quatch5 years ago
or here:

Otherwise (I am no expert here) look for something with the same gain (hfe) and current/voltage ratings.