can anyone tell me how to plug ordinary keyboard in to psp ??? pls i really need it

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Someone posted an image of an ordinary USB keyboard plugged into a PSP, but to my knowledge they never got it powered up and never bothered to even try writing software for it.

Some infrared keyboards, like those which were common for older PDA's, can work for the PSP. for a little more info on that.

You might consider buying the official PSP keyboard,
is there actually an official psp keyboard? yes- you can use some infrared keyboards. I have one. you need cfw and a plugin called pikey that allows the psp to use the keyboard.
ned060887 (author)  codongolev7 years ago
thanks u codongolev for the help :)
The keyboard I referred to got scrubbed unfortunately. The project was canceled due to lack of cooperation between Sony and the company that was developing the accessory. Perhaps Sony will consider trying again, but that's pure speculation. Personally, I think that their engineering efforts are now going into the PSP Go, and they are probably working on their NEXT portable console as well.
ned060887 (author)  DELETED_GuardianFox7 years ago
thanks for help GuardianFox :)