can anyone think of a way of making a automatic farm gate opener?

the gate must be practical for a working farm, the gate needs to be remote controlled but switched off at night this can be done  manual. a barrel would work but there are some electricity lines close to the gate. the gate needs to be wide enough for articulated lorries to maneuver.  

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rickharris7 years ago
You could place a platform in front of the gate so that when you drive onto it the weight of your vehicle pulls open the gate via a system of rope and pulley. A similar platform beyond the gate closes it again.
willow20 (author)  rickharris7 years ago
i have a good idea using the platform for a alarm to alert some one if there is some one in the yard
willow20 (author)  rickharris7 years ago
We need something that only lets in vehicles that should be on the farm because lots of tractors have gone missing in the local area. but it is a good idea that i hadn't thought of
OH! Excellent idea. Especially out in the boonies where there isn't easy electrical.
Well, unless you are smitten on the idea of making your own, I'd buy the bits off ebay. You could build a robust sliding gate. Steve
"Practical for a working farm" means to me that it needs a lot of movements during the day, that need to be quite quick - you can't wait for two minutes for the gate to open.

You need a lot of torque or a lot of stroke to do it. I'd suggest getting a piece of rack and curving it to make a large diameter gear sector, and then driving it from, say, a windscreen wiper motor or a door motor.

how secure do you need ?

willow20 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
the gates must be quick enough they are quicker than getting out of the tractor to open them. if the gate could be switched off at night so that no one can drive in or out of the yard. the gate must stop unwanted vehicles getting into the farm. second gate could be closed at night , w barrier like in carparks would work well because the gate could hit other machines because the gates would open across the other way into the yard.
framistan7 years ago
If you want it to operate automatic OPEN and CLOSE, that would be difficult. However, if you just want it to operate OPEN when a button is pushed... then you drive in and close gate manually.. then this idea may work. Attach a spring-loaded hinge or other spring to the gate... similar to an old fashoned screen door... except tension it so the gate will OPEN when unlatched. Now attach an electric latch (similar to a solenoid device). If the solenoid-device gets an electric pulse... the gate UNLATCHES... and swings open. The driver drives in... but must close the gate manually. You could use a remote control device such as a remote control LIGHT SWITCH available at any hardware store as a remote. Or... i think it would be better just to use a plain pushbutton switch located outside the gate that the driver just pushes. If you need it slightly SECURE.. then place 4 or 5 switches in the box. Wire 2 of the switches in SERIES. Now the driver must know which 2 switches to push SIMULTANEOUSLY to open the gate. Another hidden switch- or KEY operates switch in series with those 2 will allow the night-time shut off of the keypad. It would be best if your system operates on about 12 or 18 volts AC instead of 120 volts for better safety. This