can dc motor make a rc plane fly?

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ramibatman1 year ago

hi gyes i have a plane but i need a motor to make it fly so ho has one please put a picture to buy one like it


Re-design6 years ago
I believe that all electric planes are DC. I don't know how you would get AC to the plane.

Some of them are just plain brushed dc motors just like comes out of a battery op. drill and some of them are brushless motors requiring controllers.
You can get AC to a plane. Just get/make a DC to AC converter. But I doubt you can find an AC motor that small.
I doubt that you could get one off the ground with an inverter. It would be very very inefficient to do so.
I wasn't talking about a full sized motor and an inverter... I was talking about making a small rectifier (If any) to change DC to AC.. For a small AC motor.

Converter/Inverter = Small home made very low wattage inverter.
A rectifier wouldn't do it. A rectifier takes a/c and turns it into d/c. To make a/c out of d/c you need an inverter.  To use it to power a plane you would need one capapable of handling several hundred watts.
You are right. But you don't need a 15-30 pound inverter that can power that motor. A DIY one would suffice. Even taking the inverter insides out of the case (which is the heaviest part) and mount it in such a way that the air coming in will cool it.

But that's an entirely different design.. And I already knew that about a rectifier. I just didn't know how to word it..
baba45 years ago
dc means lower vaultage so if its a big plane no if small plane yes if medium size not very well
seandogue6 years ago
Yes. a dc motor can also make an RC helicopter fly. I have several
rickharris6 years ago
Better with a brushless motor which technically I guess is an AC motor.

But yes no reason why anything that can swing a propeller can't be used to make a suitable airframe fly. Steam engines have been used in the past.

I particularly like this RC electrically powered - errr kite -

lemonie6 years ago


AndyGadget6 years ago
Yes, but usually only on small models and with a gearbox to reduce the RPM and increase the torque.