can i attach .8mm bit on power drill?

i have a power drill of chuck size 1.5mm can i attach .8 mm bit on that help me

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rickharris5 years ago
If you mean HOW can you use a small bit in a power drill then your bet bet is to buy a PIN vice These will hold the drill and have a larger shank that will go in the power drill

HOWEVER drilling with a very small bit by hand is very hard as the drill wobbles and you break the bit. It is better to use a drill stand if possible.
+1 PIN vice.
lemonie5 years ago
If you don't need a lot of torque (i.e. you're drilling something soft, thin, gently) wrap tape around the thing.

I hope this isn't a carbide drill, because it will snap a fraction of a second after you touch the job with it.
AndyGadget5 years ago
The answers below are the proper way to do it, but for a quick and nasty solution, shrink a piece of small diameter heat-shrink tubing onto the shank of the bit.  If that doesn't increase the diameter enough then shrink another piece over that.  Don't go mad though - Every layer will increase the bit's tendency to wander.
canucksgirl5 years ago
You can buy adapters for your drill to allow you to use smaller bit sizes. They are commonly used for drilling PCB's. Here's a company that sells them and ships worldwide, but you can also check stores closer to where you live.