can i built a powerfull flipper (on robot) using 100rpm motor?

want to build a robot which has power to lift or throught the opponents 5kg (min) battle bot way from the arena... or away from me

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jenabot4 years ago
no way. u need a lot more powerful motor
lizbryant885 years ago
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no absoloutley not your household fan motor which is dc runs at about 3000 rpm so to get something like that to move id recommend at least a good motor at the source you could probabaly get one for about 10$
lemonie8 years ago
You'd want a gas-powered ram I think, not a motor (too slow for a "flip")

I suppose theoretically you could use the motor to pressurize a air tank to run the ram.... It would be really slow to repressurize after the first shot, though.
Fire-extinguisher ('dioxide) and an air-ram/piston, that's the way to "flip"-weight in these circumstances.

Definitely a better idea. I was just trying to use the motor for something other than ballast.
Re-design8 years ago
To use the 100 rpm motor mount a cam on the motor so that as it turns it flips up a lever that you have run under your opponent.  Every 2/3 second the lever will flip up so it will need a spring to pull it back down again.
Re-design8 years ago
A big solenoid would do it and not require time to refill the tank.  I t will have a draw on the batteries though.
You could use the motor to wind down a spring, then release the spring with a catch activated by a solenoid.