can i call to phones using dial up method via computer?

can i make phone calls .................via my laptop which are connected to cellphone or via dial up connection(cell phone and laptop connected through data cable)

govind997 years ago
Hey this is possible just dial a number using dial up wizard Phone No. Enter desred number PASSWORD KEEP IT ANYTHING and press dial This call will last for some minutes you need headphone/mic-speaker to communicate anyone knows how to recieve calls?
orksecurity8 years ago
Most modems do not have the ability to put general-purpose audio onto the phone line... so in general the answer is "no". You could theoretically make a dial-up connection and then use a VOIP (Voice Over IP) service. But dialup really doesn't have the bandwidth to do that adequately. If you've got a phone, and you want to make a phone call, the simplest , most reliable, and highest-quality answer is to use the phone as a phone.
I used to use a voice modem to make calls, but its antequated technology, and really not convenient these days.
lemonie8 years ago
VOIP may be cheaper, but it may also be blocked. However, I know of one phone company (at least) offering free Skype-Skype calls on mobile packages.
It's a "no" really for practical purposes like orksecurity says.