can i change my 6 spline propellor shaft on my outboard to a 10 spline?

i have a 1978 suzuki dt25 outboard which is running a 6 spline/key way propellor shaft. since a 6 spline propellor is incredibly hard to find these days could i replace that shaft with a 10 spline shaft which is more common?
cheers. william horton

No, it won't fit. Is it possible to get "blank" props with no hole ? A good engineering shop CAN respline a blank, with a lot of care and a tool called a push-broach
billbobaggens (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
what about replacing that whole shaft?
Well, potentially, but that mighe be even more tricky engineering.

I'd try a forum that specializes in your particular device instead of a general-purpose DIY site.