can i fix a cup with epoxy or rubber cement and still be able to drink out of it without getting poisoned?

i want to fix a glass but i dont know if i can still use it. yes, i know i can buy another one but lets just say its a cup i need to fix.

jeff-o7 years ago
Epoxy is your best bet.  If you can, find one that is meant specifically for glass (is it glass, plastic or ceramic?)

After it's repaired, I wouldn't recommend using it for boiling hot liquids or putting it in the freezer.
wetnap3 years ago

No, it has to be food grade adhesive, even epoxy has to be or else there is leeching risk.

lemonie7 years ago
I have used cups mended with epoxy. Once the resin has set it is pretty inert & harmless.

Burf7 years ago
Rubber cement, no. Epoxy probably, if you let it cure completely and don't subject it to heat above the temperature of a cup of hot coffee. Be sure though, and read the label to insure it doesn't contain any toxic compounds.