can i get internet on my psp if i plug in the usb cable to my computer?

if i plug my usb cord into my computer that has internet will it give my psp internet

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winslow1218 years ago
no when you plug your psp into the computer it wont let u do anything exept put music and stuff on it
Trust me on this My brother has a psp so yes you can you have internet already even if you don't plug it.
u can only have internet on a newer version such as the psp2000slim and even with that u still have to be somewhere with wifi avalible
lemonie8 years ago
Have you tried it?

I can give you a 99.9% certainty with default firmware that once you plug in usb you can only activate the connection for mass storage controller - which winslow is correct in saying it locks down the psp to an animation screen until you're done. You can use an extra wifi connection in the computer to create a new access point to share with the psp...
how to you get the firmware?
the default firmware is already installed on the psp - and it doesnt allow internet over usb. I'm referring to 'downgrading' the psp so it has custom firmware with extra features - and I STILL think its not an option.